Thursday, May 26, 2011

BMQG: Mug Rug Swap Reminder!

Hi all!  Just a reminder that we will be having our first swap at the next meeting, June 1st!  

Please bring a mug rug with the theme of "Summer"!  Interpret this however you would like! Bring it wrapped up in a brown bag or other covering device. ;0p  Whoever brings a mug rug (if you aren't able to, we understand!) will leave it on the table, and we will all pick one up and exchange at the end of the meeting!

Have fun!  Can't wait to see what everyone comes up with!  

Monday, May 23, 2011

BMQG Summer Challenge - Cast your VOTES


BMQG has signed up for the next Modern Quilting Challenge. Now that we are up and running, I thought this would be a fun time for us to do something as a group. One project will be determined by the guild, whether it be a mini quilt, full size or wall size quilt.

The challenge is for each person to create something using the same fabric line, only interpret it in their own way. Free Spirit will be donating the new line by Jay McCarroll called "Habitat"
This line was just awarded Fabric of the year by Fat Quarterly.

You will only be able to use solids to add into the quilt, each participant will receive a bundle of the Habitat fabric to use for this challenge.

As a group we need to decide on a colorway that we all want to work with. We will all be using the same colorway so cast your votes now for your favorite by leaving a comment on this post.




Choose your favorite, and leave a comment. Challenge starts in just a few months but we need to put our request in with Free Spirit now.