Saturday, April 16, 2011

April Meeting Recap

Thank you to everyone who came to our April meeting!  There were some really wonderful quilts that were shared this month! 

 Pam's amazing Circle of Geese Pillow 

 Lana's Fish Improv Quilt Top

Christiane's Applique Flower Quilt

Christy's mug rug 
(Really, I just love Christy's cute face in this picture. ;0) )

We all had lots of fun playing with the three Accuquilts this meeting!  I think "Accuquilt" was put down on a lot of birthday and Christmas wish lists.


Meetings:  We have officially changed our meeting days to the first Wednesday of the month from 6-8 PM at Strawberry Patches.  There will be no meeting during May, although we will have a sew in on Saturday, May 14th.  So our next meeting will be on June 1st.

Officers:  We now have officers!  I think we have a great team going on here. ;0p

President: Terri Harlan
Vice President: Jennifer Sterk
Secretary: Megan Van Sciver
Treasurer: Nicci Pannell
Program Coordinator: Lynn Douglass

Mug Rug Swap:  We are having our first swap!  Anyone who is interested please make a mug rug with the theme of "SUMMER" in mind!  Interpret this any way you like!  Then at our next meeting on June 1st bring your mug rug in a little brown bag, and then everyone who participates will get to take one home!  Have fun and get creative!  

Name Tags:  At our next sew in we will be working on our name tags!  We thought it would be a fun way of expressing our own quilt-y styles and help us to all get to know each other better.  If you don't have a chance to come to the sew in, please feel free to make a name tag at home!  

Please send us an e-mail or leave us a comment if you have any questions!  

Happy quilting!


  1. Nice job Megan. Thank you for all your hard work keeping track of this

  2. What a fun group of talented women! I so enjoyed Saturday's meeting and a wonderful show and tell. Great things are certainly in store for this MQG and am so glad to be apart of it!

  3. We are glad that you are part of it, too! I love these meetings! I always walk away with new ideas and inspiration!

  4. I've been working on ideas for programs, and I think I have a full schedule for the rest of the year! I'm going to love being the group's Program Coordinator! Thanks, you guys, for entrusting me with the job!

  5. Sounds fun! Going to try to make June 1st meeting! :)