Sunday, December 4, 2011

Officer Elections for 2012

This past year has been one of both challenges and growth, as we all worked to establish our young guild. We tried meeting on a couple of different days of the week, which also meant changing meeting times. We lost our sew-in location, so we had to find a new one. We also had some changes on the Board. All of these "bumps" are normal when forming a new group, and we are thankful that all of you continue to support such a wonderful group of quilters and sewing enthusiasts! As we approach our second year, we feel that there won't be too many more changes, as far as locations and times are concerned. Now it's time to elect a new Board for the 2012 calendar year! If you are considering serving on the Board, be assured that there will be plenty of help and support from past Board members. We also have a tentative program schedule for the first couple of months, to help get the year started. Below, you will find descriptions for each Board position:

BMQG President

-Primary function is to see to the smooth running of the BMQG. Organization is necessary and follow through is a must.

-Arrange, schedule and facilitate monthly meetings of the BMQG, as well as for officers of the BMQG.

-Assist in maintaining Blog, Google Docs, and Flickr, and other duties as necessary.

- Take suggestions from all members under advisement. Works with individuals as needed.

-Prior to officer and BMQG meetings, the President, with input from other BMQG officers, is to prepare an agenda. This is to be emailed to all officers before the monthly meeting. In addition, a brief general description of upcoming activities/meetings is to be posted on the blog.


BMQG Vice President

-The vice president will perform the duties of the president if needed, including running the monthly meeting.

-Assist in maintaining all online media (blog, Flickr, etc)

-Attend monthly guild meeting. Arrive 1/2 hour before BMQG meetings to assist with meeting set up and stay for clean up.

-Attend monthly board meetings. Actively participate in guild leadership and making decisions regarding activities and growth of the BMQG.


BMQG Secretary

-The primary duty of the BMQG secretary is to take notes at all monthly BMQG meetings and officers’ meetings. In a timely manner, a summary of these meetings will be sent to all Board members. The secretary will also assist in posting pertinent guild information to the blog/web page, including announcements, guild business, presentations, show and tell, shop hops, sewing nights, charity work, etc. Picture taking at monthly meeting is also helpful, and this responsibility will be shared by everyone on the board.


BMQG Treasurer

-Maintain bank account including preparing monthly/quarterly statements for BMQG, pay any bills that may incur, including reimbursements to members.

-Collect membership dues, collect new membership forms, maintain membership spreadsheet, collect teacher/speaker fees, and keep financial records updated. Membership information is to be shared with all BMQG Board members.


BMQG Program Coordinator

-Supports the planning, implementation, maintenance, and documentation of BMQG’s public programs and educational activities.

-Actively recruits a guest speaker and/or arranges group activity for each BMQG meeting. Works with the speaker on presentation, offering help, encouragement and support.

-Actively works on future month’s meeting: content, lectures, social events, sewing projects, etc.

-Coordinates give-aways, challenges, swaps, and guild activities.

-Encourages members to be involved in presentations.

-Have on-hand filler material or a ten minute tutorial on hand in case a meeting runs short, and/or program changes.

All positions require the require the following:

-Officers are expected to represent the guild in a honorable manner, in all communications and interactions related to the BMQG.

-Ability to speak in front of a group

-Can actively seek new information from people and groups, via internet, phone, etc.

-Organizational ability and attention to detail

The time commitment for each position is about 10 hours per month, which includes monthly BMQG meetings and monthly officers’ meetings.

This is an exciting time for the Modern Quilt Guild movement, and we are so thankful to be a part of this fun and supportive group of quilters. We think that 2012 will prove to be a very successful year for the BMQG! If you are interested in serving, or if you have any questions regarding any of the positions, please contact Nicci at

In stitches,

Lynn and Nicci

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