Monday, April 30, 2012

Question of the Week

This week's question is about what you listen to while working on a project. Do you listen to music, audio books, the t.v.? What gets your blood pumping and ready to create? 


  1. I would say looking at modern books/blog posts, tutorials get me itching to start a new something. I usually don't have music going, since I need to concentrate. I might whistle to myself - I'm crazy that way. A good cuppa coffee is all I need!!

  2. It's all about music for me. I find that it all depends on what I want/need to work on. If it's creating something new, it's usually music that is upbeat and energetic. When I'm longarming and tired, I'll choose the same type of music. Pink, Maroon 5, Matchbox 20, Moulin Rouge soundtrack, etc. If I'm custom quilting something, the music will fit what I'm working on. Detail work requires mellow music; Adelle, John Mayer, The Beatles, David Cook. I also listen to audio books from time to time, although I find I'll miss entire chapter, because I'm focused on the quilting.

    1. Great music choices Lynn! I want to come hang out in your sewing room. :-)

  3. Long arming... I need the "oldies" music I can sing along with. Piecing or applique needs smooth jazz or the Beach Boys.

    No TV. I quit what I am doing and start watching the screen. That doesn't get the job done.

    Figuring out a pattern... total silence so I can hear the wheels turning in my brain.

  4. I usually have HGTV on in the background while I'm sewing. If I'm free-motion quilting or even stitching in the ditch, I don't have anything on because all my brain cells are needed for those tasks. Otherwise, stitch in the ditch looks like stitching under the influence. :-)

  5. I have no problem watching something on tv(listening really) while I am working on a project that I already have in the works. If it is new then I like silence to concentrate.

  6. It's Thursday and I'm finally getting around to answering the question of the week. Tells you what kind of week I'm having, doesn't it?

    If it's quiet in the house while I'm sewing, I usually listen to Celtic Woman or The Canadian Tenors. But more than likely, the house isn't quiet and I have to listen to whatever Pokemon show Nathan is watching!