Monday, November 19, 2012

Question of the Week

Today's question of the week is all about personal style and your own mark. I have a thing for black and white prints and trims. When I use black and white in something, my friend Nicci says, "That's a Lynn thing." As a longarm quilter, I'm known for my dragonflies. I often hide one somewhere in the quilting. It made me wonder if the rest of you have a signature or mark that identifies something as made by you? Or do you sign your name to pieces, other than on the label? Chime in and share with us. What's your mark?


  1. For as many years as I've been quilting,you'd think I'd have done something about "marking" my quilts, but I haven't. I have one friend whose trademark color is lime green--if she makes a quilt without that color, we're all astonished! My quilting "style" is all over the place, too: everything from bright modern colors and prints, to traditional and even reproduction patterns and fabrics.

  2. This is a great question and one that I've been pondering for the past year. This year, I think I've finally decided what my "mark" is and I decided upon it because it's what makes me happiest when I'm doing it. I have come to do a bit of hand embroidery on most of my quilts these days. I absolutely love the look of it. I also like using words...someone's name, a saying, a quotation, a scripture. All of my embroidery has been of words and I've decided that will be my "mark".
    Thanks for posting this on Facebook. I might've missed it if you hadn't.

  3. I'm not sure I'd call it a signature, but I like fun bindings where the binding provides contrast, has a fun pattern, or is scrappy. My most recent binding was scrappy, made with extra strips from a jelly roll.

    1. I do think this is your sweet little signature element!! I love your scrappy bindings!!!

  4. I don't think I have a signature, but now you've made me think that I should have one. Maybe I could hide a little pink something in all my quilts. ;p

  5. I think my "signature" has to be a little applique in most of my quilting projects. I do love my little birds, stems, leaves and there is usually one or all of them in a project somewhere!! I just gotta!!!

  6. I've collected text fabrics for years and I used to try to include a little bit from my collection in each of my quilts. I've gotten away from that in the past couple of years - maybe it's time to bring that idea back :)