Monday, December 17, 2012

Question of the Week

This week's question comes from Pam, and it's about personal style and preference. What's more important to you? Is it color preference or designer preference? Do you tend to gravitate towards a fabric because of a designer's name, or are you more drawn to a fabric of a particular color?


  1. I would say color, but there is a certain aesthetic that I am drawn to. A certain designer may be able to produce a product to my personal preference, but I am not going to buy a particular product on name alone. Everyone can't hit a homerun each time at bat!

  2. For me, it's definitely personal preference and sometimes that varies by mood. I'm not one to follow trends or particular designers. Even when I find a collection that I like, there is usually at least one fabric that makes me wonder what the designer was thinking!

  3. Great question! I would say there are many designers that offer many prints that spark my interest, but it's their use of color/hue, and brightness that tends to enliven my creativity. My concern with some designers that the repetitive use of the same colors year after year that gets tiresome, but you're given a chance to match last year's collection with this year's new releases. This can be very helpful to quilters. But I love their use of color that really inspires!!

  4. I will always check out the new lines of certain designers, just because I almost always like their design asthetic. That being said, I'm much more drawn to specific colors. I'm an aqua and lime green gal, though I'm collecting a lot of orange now, too! I'm working on expanding my horizons!

  5. I'm fickle. Unless I like both the designs and the colors used in a particular line, I won't buy it, even if I've bought the designer's fabrics many times before. I like a lot of different design styles (except primitive/country/muddy colors), and that is reflected in my eclectic stash. Some would even call it an ADHD stash. (Squirrel!) Maybe that's why I've never figured out how to best organize it. ;-)

    1. A 'squirrel' stash! LOLOL! I love it, Laura! Now I don't feel so alone! xoxo