Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Question of the Week

Question Mark Clip Art
To coincide with the President's Sate of the Union speech, we thought we'd ask: 
If you were asked to give a "State of the  Studio/Workroom/Sewing Room" speech, what would be some of the highlights of your speech? 


  1. The biggest highlight of my speech would be that I'm moving! My sewing room is usually my personal haven, where I go to find peace and get my creative groove on. It is in total chaos, as I am packing 10 years of quilting stuff! I thought I'd purged a lot in the last couple of years!

  2. My message would be clean up this mess and get busy!

  3. The highlights:
    - This mess proves that I've been busy creating.
    - I've made progress on organizing my stuff. You can see most of the carpet.
    - Beware of Kona Steel. It grabs every dust bunny, speck of lint, pet hair, and random white thread within its reach.
    - Keep your lint roller nearby.
    - And finally, if you've got a deadline, you will run out of thread! (I WILL have my Madrona Road quilt finished by Saturday!!!!)

  4. All the world will remember this day--- not the days of stash explosion, design-wall caos, pattern confusion or the breaking of the ideal template by foot traffic, but THIS DAY! This day which proves that there is hope in the house, hope in the sewing studio, and hope in the world!! This is the day I saw it..............I found the floor!
    Respectfully submitted by, Lynn

  5. Mine would be: "My dearest sewing machine, fabric and cutting table: I shall return. I promise."

  6. My comments would include: "When I have so much going on, traffic jams on my cutting table, pile ups every where, and currently a naked design wall....it's time to get organized and declutter!! I have a couple sweet swap items that arrived in the last few days and lovely new fabric (there goes the fabric diet!)with the hope of learning new techniques at Quiltcon! So get busy sewists and get ready! I'm looking forward to our February meeting!"