Monday, April 8, 2013

Question of the Week

Question Mark Clip Art 

How would you finish this sentence......
"Nothing inspires me like..."?

*Boy have I been a slacker!I didn't realize that I've neglected to post Questions for the past two weeks. I'll have to blame it on springtime. It's got me very distracted....all the sunshine, gardening, and cleaning! :-)


  1. ... a deadline! As much as I like to sew, sometimes it's easier to curl up with my iPad, the little white dog, and a quilt. If the project has to be finished by a certain date, though, I get after it.

  2. ....the changing of the seasons and the colors of nature. Every season has a certain color pallette for me and that helps my creativity. Right now I'm loving the delicate pinks and yellows of flowers, bright green of new leaves, and the blue of the sky and robin's eggs. (Oh, I have a quilt top in those colors! Maybe I should drag it out and finish it.)

  3. A new fabric, pattern, or technique that I can't wait to try! There is so much inspiration on the NEW modern quilt guild site, or a new modern book. I've been inspired to try to the quilt as you go (QAYG) method made popular by Elizabeth Hartman's weekender bag. Or inspired to try a new ruler/pattern. Improvisational techniques can challenge us, but I am anxious to practice something new! Love the inspiration of modern quilting!

  4. A quilt show! Since I'm in California, I make a point to go to Road to California, Long Beach Quilt Festival, and Pacific International Quilt Festival, if at all possible. I love seeing all different styles of quilts!