Tuesday, March 4, 2014

New Block Challenge: Quilted Hugs project

Hi to all!
 Just want to keep everyone up to date on our group's activities.  We're a modern friendship group and we really want all of you to explore new modern blocks, activities, and stretch your sewing skills.

In January many of us traveled to Road to California.  We shopped, viewed some amazing quilted, joined in the fun at our favorite quilt shop, Strawberry Patches - that won best booth BTW! We spent our last dimes and enjoyed so many wonderful people.  Pop over to our FB page to see a few pictures.Bakersfield Modern Quilt Guild.

We had a lot of new faces come to the January meeting, welcome!! And we discussed a few activities such as upcoming swaps, continuing as a friendship group, encouraging each other to join The Modern Quilt Guild (national group).

We are starting the next Quilted Hugs quilt - man/boy quilt. Thanks to all who have all ready made one block.  If you are willing, make one more. Plan to bring and untrimmed 12.5 x 12.5 block in black/gray/white  - and let's use Kona white please to the block. This block should be fun for you to make, and there are lots of patterns out there.  Let's keep the fabrics modern, if possible (no civil war, batiks, stripes, or floral) just so there is some uniformity. Search a couple blogs to find one you want to try. GenXquilters.com has a lot of fun blocks to try. If you have a large amount of fabric for a backing you would like to donate, please let me know.

NEXT SEW-IN March 15th  1pm at Strawberry Patches. Demo on free motion quilting, and show and tell at 3pm.  We will also be signing up for the market bag swap.  See you all there.  Bring your finished projects, a snack, a friend, handwork, and we'll all have fun!


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